Selling Your Home? Here’s How To Stage Your Home Like a Pro!

Scott Heywood
Scott Heywood
Published on March 7, 2018

 First impressions are everything. 

Statistically, you have eight seconds at the front door to get a favorable emotional response from guests.

Buyers walk through your front door and immediately try to envision themselves living in your space. As you’re staging your home, it’s important to make sure every room is as bright, open, spacious, and clean as possible.

It is extremely beneficial for you to ask experts, read articles, watch videos, and talk to your agent about the best ways to stage your home. A home staged correctly has been proven to sell your home much faster.

Today we will cover 4 necessities for staging your home and why they are so important. 

Let’s get started!

  1. Keep It Simple

Steer clear of over crowding every space of every room. Experts say the simpler your home looks, the more appealing it is for buyers. 

DE-CLUTTER! Clear off counters as best as you can. Hide products, dishes, packaging, and anything else that takes up counter and floor space. If you have a lot of children in your home, you probably have play pads, toy boxes, etc. Try to hide those or throw them in a storage closet during the selling process. You are trying to show off as much space in the home as best as you can. says this about staging your home:

“Staging should boost your home, not the other way around. Keep it simple with furnishings, some decor, and textiles to add softness. Don’t cover every nook and cranny, even if you think it’ll look amazing.”


  1. Keep It Real

Make your home as authentic and aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Founder of Spade and Archer Design, Justin M. Riordan says, “Fake plants, fake flowers, fake food, fake TV screens and computers, and, most of all, blow-up mattresses,” Riordan says. “Every time [buyers] see a fake item they are reminded that this is not real, this is not achievable, and this is not their new home.”

  1. Keep Doors Open

 Naturally, we are all used to closing doors and turning the lights off in our own homes. During a home tour and while you’re setting the stage, make sure to do one more final walk through of the home to open every door. 

A closed door may prompt buyers to think that it just leads to a storage closet, when they could be missing a staircase, basement or large bedroom. 

This may seem like an obvious tip to keep in mind, but it’s all too commonly missed. 

  1. Trendy & Eye-Appealing 

 Your overall goal from all this, is to create a house that buyers that will remember. At this point, it’s likely these house hunters have seen dozens of properties over the course of a few days.

What does your home have to offer that stands out from the rest?

Is there a specific room that has all the upgrades? One that you know buyers will be attracted to? Boast that area and enhance what is already there. Add pops of color or a signature furniture piece in a tasteful and trendy way. 


While some buyers may look past it, many will cringe at the sight of  brightly painted walls. The house could have everything else they wanted, but when they think back to your home all they can remember is that bright red kitchen. Re-painting a wall is a pretty easy fix, but for some people that could be a huge red flag. If you have the time and budget, go through and make the walls as neutral as possible. 

If interior design isn’t your forte, just ask your realtor for some tips or do your research online. 

There are a lot of fun tips and tricks out there that will help you tie each room together. Here are a few more necessities for creating a beautiful space for buyers to walk into…

– Bright and beautiful lighting. Avoid dim or outdated lighting. If you can, find a unique and trendy light fixture as an accent for your kitchen or bathroom.

– Lengthen your ceilings and create an illusion of larger windows and bigger spaces.

– Hire a professional cleaning service the day of or before showings. They can do a deeper clean and help you feel more prepared to have guests over. 

Do you have any other questions about staging your home? Comment below! I’ve helped many people sell their homes over the years, and love to use my knowledge and experience to answer any questions. 

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, please contact me at 602-321-3213 and I’d be happy to help you. 

Thanks for reading, until next time! 








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